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Your Strengths Inform Your Creative Process

 In Creativity

Have you ever taken a Strengths Test?

When you know your strengths and can focus on them, you are more likely to be able to succeed to your fullest potential. Leveraging your strengths is much more powerful than trying to improve your weaknesses. It takes a lot of work to move a weakness to just mediocre. Whereas putting energy into your strengths magnifies them and catapults you forward.

In the same way, I believe everyone has their own brand of personal creativity and self-expression. Trying to conform to someone else’s way of content creation because they claim it is “right” will not work for you the same way it works for them.

It is tempting to want to find a formula for everything. While there is nothing wrong with finding best practices, trying to do things exactly how someone else is doing them can burn you out. It won’t always work the same way for you, or produce the same results. The reason for this is that you are an individual! You have to take the things that are working for others, and figure out how to make them work for YOU.

This is part of the creative process. Embrace your unique qualities and pave a way forward that works for you.

Identify your strengths

I just spent some time reviewing my own personal strengths as identified by the Strengths Finder test. Recognizing my strengths is helpful in many areas of my life, and I highly recommend taking it for yourself.

Then I started looking at it in terms of how someone with my strengths would develop new ideas and communicate them with others. After all, that is essentially what content creation is. It is enlightening and freeing to start to see how my creative process might be different from others whose strengths are different from mine.

(And very few people have the same strengths combination as you!)

Create a process that leverages your strengths

Once you begin to realize your strengths, its time to look at your process for content creation. I don’t necessarily mean in the moment that you sit down to write or speak or record content. I mean the processes, systems, and schedules you have set up (or could set up) around it.

Given your strengths, should you be creating content alone, or would it be better if you had help in some areas? Do you easily generate ideas, or are you better at it when you have others to brainstorm with? Are you able to focus on something for a long time, get it done, and schedule it in advance? Or perhaps you are more spontaneous and work better when there is an immediate need or deadline?

Just because a process works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Set up your content schedule and process to match your strengths. You will be much happier with the experience and the results. It is also more likely that you will be able to sustain it over a long period of time.

Account for your weaknesses

Content creation and marketing involves many skills, so the likelihood that you are strong in all of them is very low. The benefit of knowing your strengths is that you also know your weaknesses.

In what areas do you need help and support?

If you are not detail oriented, you may need an editor and someone to implement the checklist of things to complete once the content is created. If you are a perfectionist, you may need help around finalizing content and making sure that it is personal, even vulnerable.

Do you know your strengths? How can you use them to improve your content creation process? Let me know in the comments.

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