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Your Business Isn’t The Topic Of Your Content

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Have you ever been in a meeting to brainstorm topics for your content or your marketing? Or tried to come up with topics on your own? The conversation typically goes in a few directions…

  • Whatever is trending in your industry right now
  • Current events and how you can tie them to your business
  • Whatever holiday is happening this month (How many St. Patrick’s Day e-mails did you get in March!?)

Ugh! Of course, it’s natural for businesses to focus on what they know and the world they work in every day. Isn’t that what you are trying to spread the word about?

Yes and no.

Are You Creating Insider Content?

Creating content about your own business and industry is a trap that many companies fall into. It’s easy to share what you know best. But what happens is this…

The people who are searching for specific topics in your industry are often other people in your industry

You end up attracting your competition rather than your ideal customers.

So what should you be talking about? 

Your content is actually about your customers. It’s a conversation in which you want to address their issues, solve their problems, answer their questions. 

Your business isn’t the topic of the conversation, it’s the context of the conversation.

So what kinds of topics should you be writing about?

  • Things you have in common with your customer
  • Stories your customers can relate to
  • Valuable information about their industry
  • Recommendations they can implement in their life or business
  • Examples of the impact your work has had on others like them

I create a list of 40 Topic Starters that you can download here.  It is broken into two sections: topics about you (which you can relate to them), and topics about them (which you can relate back to you).

The fact that you are a subject-matter expert in your own area will come out in how you look at these things. But always remember that the purpose of content is to build trust and create a connection to your readers, customers, and prospects. 

Have a great conversation!

DOWNLOAD your list of 40 TOPIC STARTERS for your content here.

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