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Why I Switched From Infusionsoft To Simplero

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A few months ago, I left Infusionsoft.

I gave it two years, invested thousands of dollars, spent countless hours of setup, and went to user group meetings (I even filled in and ran one meeting!). I was constantly wondering, “Is Infusionsoft worth it?” Maybe you are wondering the same thing. In the end, I couldn’t justify it.

Why I left Infusionsoft

There are three simple reasons I ended up leaving Infusionsoft: It was too confusing, too expensive, and had too many features I didn’t need and didn’t use.

What really surprised me was that my local Infusionsoft Consultant agreed with me. He said that I’m not the right target audience for it. It might be great for mid-sized companies with a sales team, a marketing department, even multiple locations or a more complex structure. But that’s not my business.

The reality is that Infusionsoft isn’t the right fit for solopreneurs. If you are using it as a fancy e-mail marketing system, you are on the wrong platform, and you are wasting a lot of money to be there.

Sure the campaign builder is nice. But depending on how you use it, it’s really just a glorified system of autoresponders or timed e-mails.

Of course there are many more advanced features that make Infusionsoft powerful if you know how to use them. But that only helps if you have the time and resources to figure it out and manage it. Many companies end up paying an Infusionsoft consultant many thousands of dollars extra to setup their systems and manage the software.

When I really looked at it, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted or needed, and it was time for me to leave.

Why I Switched From Infusionsoft To SimpleroWhy I chose Simplero

One thing that stopped me from leaving for a while was that I didn’t know what to switch to. What is the best alternative to Infusionsoft? Tweet: Looking for an alternative to Infusionsoft? Check this out!

I didn’t want to go to an exclusively e-mail marketing platform. Sure you could go to MailChimp or Aweber or one of the countless e-mail platforms out there. But I didn’t want to be piecing together all sorts of things to do what I wanted. There had to be an alternative to MailChimp. Something in between that and Infusionsoft.

Then I found Simplero.

Simplero has all the features I want, and none that I don’t. Here are the five main components of the platform that I was looking for:

E-mail marketing: Simplero allows you to send broadcasts, set up opt-in sequences, and segment your lists. They keep their e-mail design features simple, focusing on content over complex visual e-mails (which is in line with how the industry is moving and the fact that more people are reading their e-mails on mobile devices.) They allow you to insert pictures, dividers and headers, and their picture resizing functionality makes it so easy! You can even embed videos directly into an e-mail!

Online course hosting: This is something I never even managed to get up and running in Infusionsoft, since their Customer Hub platform costs extra and requires more setup than I could imagine. Simplero is specifically designed for online businesses who want to host digital products, courses, and membership sites. You can create “Spaces” where you host single pieces like videos or webinars (and they have a super helpful video sizing and management tool). Or you can host multiple pieces that are dripped to the subscribers or students on a timeline for a course or subscription site. Access to the spaces can be a free opt-in or a paid transaction.

Online sales: Simplero handles online sales of your products and services as well. It integrates with most merchant accounts and processors. It generates an online “Order Form” for any product you create. On your dashboard (which is already created for you!) you can see your total revenue, as well as other helpful sales and marketing stats.

Sales and Landing Pages: Simplero has a Sales and Landing page builder built in, making it easy to market your products and grow your list. With these pages, which are beautiful and flexible to create, it seamlessly connects your e-mail list, your opt-in offers or lead magnets, and your product sales, tracking everything for each contact all in one place!

Affiliate program: Finally, Simplero allows you to create an affiliate program. It automatically generates a private page with trackable links when affiliates register, keeps track of sales generated by affiliate referrals and creates accounts payable for affiliate commissions. It’s a great way to encourage others to share your offers with their people.

You can see a much more in-depth description of the features here. In addition to offering the features I want, Simplero is more affordable. It has no up-front set-up costs and no long term contract. Just a reasonable monthly fee based on your needs.

I also love the support and customer service. Simplero’s founder, Calvin, is still personally involved in ongoing developments. There are new features being added on a regular basis, and he communicates with users regularly to keep everyone up to date. There’s an official FaceBook group for users as well, and it’s a great community.

But isn’t it a pain to leave?

As with any transition, there was some leg-work involved in moving everything over to a new platform. But it was actually easier than I anticipated. Contacts are very easy to transfer. The complexity of the transition depends on how many active campaigns and products you have to duplicate. Now that I have moved over, I save a lot of time and money every month, making the initial hassle completely worthwhile.

Infusionsoft will keep your account information for 120 days, so you can always go back if you miss it. I just got my notice that my account will be permanently deleted, and I’m not turning back.

Whether you are getting out of Infusionsoft, or looking for an alternative to a pieced-together system of e-mail marketing, shopping carts, course hosting, etc., Simplero is a great solution.

If you are curious about Simplero, they have a great free trial. You can create an account, upload your contacts and information, create e-mails and sequences, set up spaces and products, and play around with the features for free for 30 days! I was able to do a lot of the transition work while on the free trial, which helped make the switch easier.

Just to let you know, I have an affiliate relationship with Simplero, and could receive a financial benefit if you sign up through my links. (It doesn’t cost you anything extra!) I don’t often recommend specific products — in fact this is the first time — and I only recommend things I personally use and love.

If you are a small online business, give Simplero a try! You won’t regret it.


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