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What To Do When You Have A Lot Of Moving Pieces

 In Metaphors, Mindset

As an entrepreneur with a family, there is always a lot to stay on top of, constant transitions, and things changing all the time.

Recently, things were feeling particularly unstable. There were so many moving pieces! While I had a clear vision of where I wanted to go, I couldn’t tell exactly what the next few weeks or months would look like or how everything would come together.

It’s Like A Puzzle

I started using the analogy of puzzle pieces in a box. It felt like there were a lot of unknowns. Questions without answers. Problems with no solutions.

I felt like I was taking action to try to move things forward and gather the information I needed. But it was a lot like picking up random pieces and trying to fit them together. Or shaking the box around and hoping the pieces would just fall into place.

Not likely.

First Piece Is First

The other day, my youngest son was working on his new Avengers puzzle he had gotten for his birthday. I was watching him try to figure it out and providing some guidance.

What is the first thing we all do when we are trying to put together a puzzle?

Find the edges!

Which pieces define the shape of the whole picture? Where are the corners? Once you have a couple of pieces in place that anchor the puzzle, other pieces seem to fall into place more easily. It helps you to understand what you are looking for. Knowing, of all the pieces in the box, which is the next one you need.

Stop Shaking The Box!

If you have a lot of moving pieces, and you want to make a recognizable picture that lines up with your vision, then you need to define your edges. Pick one piece that you can make a decision about. Find one problem you can solve.

From there, you can confidently build more pieces and make real progress.

What holds a lot of people back is that locking that first piece in place is a little scary. Depending on what it is, sometimes it’s a lot scary. What if it’s not right?

It’s a lot easier to just keep your “options open” and keep shaking that box. But you won’t make much progress that way. Eventually you have to be willing to pick something.

It’s really about making decisions. Entrepreneurs who make decisions, who pick pieces to lay down and figure out how to fit them together will end up with more of a picture than those who don’t.

Do you have areas of instability in your life? Have you been putting off a decision that would lock in part of your puzzle? What is your next piece?

Perhaps the next decision you need to make is to do a Content Creation VIP Day. In just one day, we can answer a lot of questions and create something you are excited about and can build on. I have only a handful available this quarter, so grab one today!

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