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What Is Your Next Step?

 In Content Creation, Mindset

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.” –Confucian saying

We often shy away from big goals if we can’t see exactly how we are going to accomplish them. But, by nature, the goals that are really worth setting – the ones that stretch us and make our hearts beat a little faster – are beyond our current line of vision. They are outside our comfort zone.

Because we don’t know how we will get there, we often shut down and fail to even try.

I love the quote at the top because it shows us exactly how to accomplish HUGE goals in our lives… one step at a time. We don’t need to worry about the entire path. We only need to ask “what is the first step?”

And then take it.

Then determine the next step, and take that.

Some people would argue that it is just easier to set smaller goals, one after another. Isn’t that the same thing? Not really. If you don’t know where you are headed, how can you tell you are going in the right direction? Picking a big goal that excites you and energizes you is like the compass you need for the journey.

One of my Big goals

For example, I recently found an organization I am very excited to support. I have been looking for a philanthropic project that is really meaningful for me. I didn’t want to just give $100 or even $1,000. I decided I was going to sponsor an entire village. That is a $25,000 project! And I have NO idea how or when I am going to reach that goal.

But I am committed to it, so I asked myself, “what is the first step?” I went to my bank and opened a savings account that will be dedicated to this project. I also talked to my children about it, engaging them in the process, and they gave the money they had saved for “giving” as part of the initial funds.

I patted myself on the back. But I was still nowhere near my goal. So I thought, “Okay, what can I do next?” I called up the organization to let them know about my goal and see what sort of tools they may have that I could use to reach the goal.

I am simply walking down the path, one step at a time. And you can do it too!

Reaching Content Creation Goals

I think this also applies to Content Creation. Some big goals you may have in this area could be to have 1,000 or more people on your e-mail list, or to build a large following on YouTube, or to have steady traffic to your website that converts into clients.

Do any of these goals make you excited, but also a little overwhelmed? Looking at the entire journey is daunting. But, it is doable! And all you have to do right now is take the next step.

Do you know what your next step is?

Perhaps your next step is to participate in my free video training series on “How To Get Started Creating Content.” I created it for this very reason – to help you move forward toward your goals.

Check it out here. And let me know in the comments whether you have a big goal and what next step you are going to take.

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