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Webinars – A Powerful Content Format Done Right

 In Podcast Episode

Webinars have become more prominent than ever before! Whether you like it or not, we’ve all spent more time on Zoom meetings and virtual events, which also means we’ve gotten a little pickier about the quality of our online events. From sharing my expertise with my clients to reaching more people through workshops, webinars are a valuable asset in my own business and I can’t wait to show you how you can use this feature for your own!

My guest on this episode, Ellen Finkelstein, is a prolific content creator in her own right when it comes to webinars. She runs Change The World Marketing, and is committed to helping online business owners reach people around the world with their programs and offerings. Passionate about guiding her clients to the right marketing strategy, she helps them find their way through the maze of technology that’s available and create a plan of action that can be implemented. One technique she believes in the most is speaking, which can be used to reach a large number of people through webinars! Get ready to learn about…

      • Making your webinars more engaging and effective for your audience
      • How to make webinars fit into your content strategy
      • Ways of collaborating with others through webinars
      • Repurposing your content to create greater efficiency

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