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Want More Followers? Make Sure Your Blog Is Evolving

 In Blogging, Content Creation, Mindset, Strategy, Vulnerability

If you have ever followed a blog for a year or more, you know that it evolves over time.

The topics change, the writing style adjusts, the situation of the blogger’s life and business develops.

In fact, seeing that evolution over time is a big part of what makes following a particular blog or person online compelling.

You want to know what is working for them (or not).

You want to see how things will turn out and what they are going to do next.

You look forward to hearing from them and getting the next update.

You’ve likely been on the “follower” side of this experience. But what about being on the “creator” side?

When many business owners think about creating content, it’s focused on information. Keyword-heavy articles that drive clicks from search engines. There is certainly a place for that.

But if you want people to read more than one article, to become true followers and loyal readers, a different approach is required.

Loyalty requires relationship

Something I work with my clients on is putting themselves into their content. Making sure it comes from a real person. This is an important piece of the puzzle, and here’s why…

People are interested in information, but they are loyal to other people.

We like to learn new things, but we follow the ideals that we value.

That means you have to share who you are and what you believe in your content.

Yes, even in a business blog.

This scares a lot of people. (That’s partially what makes it so compelling!) Are you willing to share not only your knowledge, but yourself?

Doing this requires:

  • Vulnerability and self-awareness
  • Consistency over time
  • Willingness to be imperfect
  • Ability to see the bigger picture

Keep Sharing Your Now

See, this doesn’t happen all at once. Each individual article (or video, or audio) is a moment in time.

When you write something, you are sharing where you are right now. What you think right now.

Then, do that consistently for a while.

It might be that a year from now, you will look back and things won’t look the same anymore. You may have changed a few things. It’s possible you’ll barely recognize the person represented there.

And that’s the point!

The evolution happens over time. But, as the creator, all you can do is share your now.

Have To Be Able To Do It Again, And Again

This kind of content creation is different from producing a large-scale, long-lasting project.

I’ve heard from brilliant creative people who work on these kinds of projects. They are architects who design buildings, they are directors who produce movies, even authors who write novels and publish books. They have one shot to get it right, and that leads to a certain type of creative process.

Those projects require a lot more polishing, editing, input from multiple people, not to mention a much longer timeframe.

Creating nurturing content is different, but sometimes people bring the same expectations and the same process to their blog writing.

That is not necessary. But more importantly, it’s not sustainable. Nurturing content requires that you produce something every 1-4 weeks consistently. That means each individual piece must be created and published fairly quickly.

It is a more spontaneous process. It has room for some imperfections. And it allows for you to learn and adjust as you go along.

This is hard because sometimes your blog doesn’t feel like it’s working. It might be experiencing the “terrible twos” or going through an awkward adolescent phase. But that is all part of the evolutionary process.

Just know that your blog or podcast or channel will evolve over time (just like your business and everything else). And each individual piece is just a part of that process.


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