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Using Content To Support Sales

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The lines between marketing and sales have always been a little blurred. Marketing’s job is to generate leads for Sales to follow-up with. But sometimes sales people are out generating their own leads. And oftentimes people get pretty far down the sales process just by interacting with marketing materials and platforms before they actually have a sales conversation.

When it comes to digital marketing and sales, the two are even more closely intertwined.

Sales People Love Content

Part of the day-to-day activity of sales is just connecting with people, having conversations, touching base, following up. This can feel tedious if all you can do is see whether or not the lead is ready to buy. In fact, those calls and e-mails can start to get annoying and even push people away if they aren’t done well.

If, however, sales people are armed with content they can share, it allows them to continually provide useful resources, educate prospective customers, and demonstrate value. It allows them to give first rather than just sell.

Having content to share can be a great excuse for following up with leads.

For those of you who are the business owner, marketer as well as the sales person, this will be particularly appealing.

Another way content marketing can support sales is by catching some of the missed opportunities.

I spoke with a sales person recently whose metrics are all about how many people from their lead generation tools actually schedule a call with them, and how many conversations they can have. But what about all the other connections they are making!? What about the folks who might be great prospects but don’t feel ready to talk about it right now.

So much missed opportunity!

So many more people will sign up for a lower level entry point, like a lead magnet, than a 1-on-1 conversation. Content marketing allows you to capture more leads and nurture them. By the time they get on the phone with you, they are already a well-qualified and educated prospect.

Sales Automations and Platforms

There are many CRM and sales systems out there, and many of them are combined with e-mail marketing capabilities. The overlap is obvious, since both functions involve communicating to the database of customers and prospects.

Effectively leveraging any sales software requires content in order to create lead-generation funnels or send regular communications.

Too many businesses pay for a CRM or marketing automation tool, but don’t use it to its fullest capacity. One of the main reasons is that they don’t have the content needed to build and populate all the pieces to support its functionality.

Whether you have a CRM or marketing automation tool already or not, content will be an important part of implementing it. 

If you could use help leveraging your existing platforms or getting setup for greater automation, Content Creation Coach can help!

Don’t let a lack of content hold up your sales people or platforms anymore!

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