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Treading Water Or Making A Splash?

 In Creativity, Metaphors

It seems like a lot of businesses are treading water. They have a way of doing things, and they show up every day and keep on kicking and paddling in order to keep their head above water.

Sometimes, they swim forward a little, almost by accident. They get some more clients or close a big deal. But that just means that they are now treading water in a deeper, wavier part of the ocean.

It’s a lot of hard work! And it’s exhausting. Yet, it doesn’t really feel like you are getting anywhere.

Let’s zoom out for a minute.

The ocean is enormous! It’s like the world of business, the market, the internet… they are almost incomprehensibly large.

I’ve looked at the ocean from an airplane, and even really big cruise ships seem tiny on that vast expanse of water. Individual people are basically imperceptible.

So, as we are all out in that water, what is our goal?

Is it just to tread water and survive as long as possible without drowning?

Is it to make some of our own waves? Create ripples that go out and reach others? Make a splash?

Do we want to have a little fun along the way? Maybe put on a snorkeling mask and see some of the beauty that is around us that we don’t notice when we are so focused on staying above water.

Perhaps it’s time to stop swimming and treading on our own, and take a new approach. Maybe we’d rather build a boat, and sail on top of the water, gathering passengers along the way.

Or make a beach where we can attract some swimmers away from the depths to play, sip a drink, and soak in the sun for a bit.

I know, I know. I tend to get a little carried away with my metaphors.

What does all of this mean?

Well, that’s the beauty of a metaphor. It means whatever you interpret it to mean!

All I know is, if you are someone who is treading water every day, maybe it’s time to change things up. For me, one of the best ways to do that is to create something new. Build your boat! Or at least a raft or a floaty chair with a cup holder!

(Sorry, I can’t help myself!)

What does that look like in your business? In your life?

Does this resonate with you? Or do you think I’ve swallowed too much salt water? Maybe you’d rather just be on a real beach! Tell me about it in the comments.

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