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Three Roles Needed to Implement a Content Strategy

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing

Have you been struggling with creating content to market your business, or do you feel like you aren’t driving in new consumers with the content that you are putting out?

There are several skills involved with creating and implementing a content marketing strategy that is consistent, relevant, and organized. By understanding the difference between the three roles needed for content marketing, you will be able to create an engaging online presence for your business.

Take a moment to watch this short video on the three roles that you need to implement a content strategy for your business. In the video we discuss:

0:19 – The different roles and skills that are critical to effectively getting content out and implementing a strategy.

0:42 – What a Thought Leader brings to the process

1:12 – How a Messaging Specialist adds a strategic approach to your content creation process

1:54 – A client and CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions shares the benefits of working with a Messaging Specialists

2:32 – The Curse of Knowledge – You know more than you realize

3:05 – You need an Implementation Specialist in order to get your content in front of the right audience

A Thought Leader is extremely valuable to a business’s content marketing strategies and relationship building. But you are probably thinking to yourself, what is a Thought Leader exactly, and what do they do?

Well, if you’re a business owner, you may just be one! A Thought Leader is the one with the expertise, and is essentially the public face of the content and business. Thought Leaders have the vision, knowledge and expertise in their industry.

However, as a Thought Leader, you can be so knowledgable on your business that it can be difficult to coming up with compelling content that is relatable to your prospective customers and target audience.

Who would’ve ever thought that knowledge would be a curse? Have you ever had a hard time teaching someone something new that you already had mastered? It’s easy to jump in and start talking over their head, and don’t understand what you’re talking about. Often times you have to go back much further than you expected. This is because of the Curse of Knowledge, which means once you know something, it’s extremely difficult to remember what it was like to not know that thing.

This is why Thought Leaders, as mentioned above, are challenged when trying to take on other roles in content marketing. This is where the role of a Messaging Specialist comes in.

In content marketing, Messaging Specialists act as a bridge, helping to make the connection between the Thought Leader and the target audience.

The Messaging Specialist works with the Thought Leader’s foundation and brings a strategic approach to the content creation process. This is someone who specializes in outlining and editing articles, coming up with content strategies, identifying topics and creating topic lists.

An Implementation Specialist is the one in charge of the digital marketing and visual branding aspects of your strategy.

They will make sure that the content provided will get out and be posted in the correct places. This includes sharing content to your business’s social platforms, sending e-mail marketing communications like newsletters, and updating the website.

These roles each add something different to the process of creating and implementing a great content strategy! Sometimes seeing these roles will help you to realize why your content creation process is getting stuck at a particular point. You may have all of the skills on your internal team, or you may need to hire out for one or more of the roles. If you have a gap, Content Creation Coach is here to help!

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