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The Solution To Online Software Overload!

 In Coaching, Content Creation, E-mail Marketing, Tools

What software are you using for your e-mail marketing? Does it do everything you need?

Starting off with a simple and inexpensive e-mail marketing program like MailChimp or Constant Contact is great for many businesses. It’s a good way to begin building your list and establishing trust and recognition through regular communications.

But when your business is ready to do more online, what often happens next is that you start piecing things together.

Want to sell things online? Then you need to get shopping cart software. Want to create an online course or training that you can sell? You need a way to host it and deliver it to buyers.

Are you using or considering multiple platforms to do some of the following things?:

     Email Marketing – like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber…

     Landing Page builder – like Leadpages…

     Online Shopping Cart – like WooCommerce, 1ShoppingCart or Shopify

     Affiliate Program – like Tipalti or Everflow

     Online Program Hosting and Delivery – like Teachable, Thinkific…

It can get to be chaotic (not to mention expensive!) to keep things in so many different places. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out!

Of course, there are software platforms that do all of these things and keep everything in one place. But the cost of many of them is out of reach for micro-businesses and solopreneurs.

Let me introduce you to Simplero. I’ve been using it to run the online operations of my business since it was just starting out. It was created by a coach (Calvin Corelli) specifically for entrepreneurs, coaches and small businesses who want to reach more people online, and sell services, digital products and programs to them.

Of course there are more involved and more expensive options like Infusionsoft or Marketo or even HubSpot, which are often out of reach or impractical for small businesses. (Believe me, I know! I tried that.)  Simplero is designed and priced for solopreneurs and small businesses like yours and mine.

Check Out What Simplero Can Do

Simplero seamlessly connects your e-mail list to the products and services you want them to buy. It hosts and handles video, audio, photos and other media beautifully, both in e-mails and within online programs or courses.

Maybe the best way to understand what it does is with some examples…

I helped one client build a free 5-day audio series which led to the sale of her book and program.

I worked with someone else to create a 6-week online program with video trainings, worksheets and some interactive components.

I’ve set up an affiliate program for a telesummit that generated hundreds of leads and sold an audio recording package that yielded thousands of dollars.

Are you interested in setting up something like these things in your business? Find more detail about the features Simplero offers here. They offer a free trial to explore the software. Sign up for your free Simplero account here.

Making The Switch

I’ve helped a number of entrepreneurs and businesses get setup on Simplero.

You can move your current e-mail list and funnels over, set up your products, payment methods, landing pages, sales pages, etc…

Switching to new software may seem like more than you want to take on, but the long terms savings of both time and money are totally worth it!

Make this the year you get your online software under control and expand your online offerings! Simplero can help you do that, and so can I.

Are you frustrated with your current software setup? Do you have a vision of an online product or program you want to offer? This is the time to make it happen! Simplero is a great place to start.

BTW – the links in this article are affiliate links, so it’s possible, if you click on them and decide you like Simplero as much as I do, that I may receive something for the referral. I never recommend things that I haven’t personally used and believe in. Just thought you should know!

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