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The Magic Moment of Content Creation

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing, Strategy

Starting out in content marketing is challenging. I’ll admit it. In the beginning, your impact is low compared to your effort.

This approach isn’t a quick fix and doesn’t provide an instant reward. To be honest, I don’t really believe in those things anyway. And anything that promises immediate results is either lying or is not able to sustain it for the long run.

Am I right?

Content creation is about consistency, and building relationships, credibility, and a great reputation over time. It’s really the only way it can be done. That creates an experience with two distinct parts, as you can see in the chart above, including the “magic moment.”

Phase 1: Building

The beginning is the most difficult time. It’s when your impact is the lowest, since you don’t have a following yet. It’s also when your effort is the highest, since you haven’t yet established a habit or improved your content creation skills.

It probably seems out of balance, and it is! This phase is challenging because you can’t yet see significant rewards from your efforts. So why would anyone do this?

Phase 2: Thriving

The silver lining is in this phase. For those who stick with it, the long term rewards of content creation are great. In fact, as you get better at content creation through practice and experience, your results multiply. Over time your list grows, your traffic increases, you get more sharing and engagement, and the impact of every piece of content is greater.

As you can see from my chart, there is a point at which the impact surpasses the effort of content creation. That is it! That is when the magic starts to happen. Once you pass that moment, the returns continue to grow and multiply while the content creation efforts become easier through repurposing and other efficiencies.

Getting Help In The Beginning

However, too many people stop before they reach that point. Or they don’t start at all because they see the initial phase as too difficult. That is why the beginning is the most important time to get help.

It is an important time to establish the right foundational pieces, get started with good content creation habits, and make a long-term plan to set yourself up for success.

Where are you on this chart? Is your trajectory going in the right direction? I’d love to hear from you and help you build a thriving content marketing platform!

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