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The Inside Benefits Of Content Creation

 In Content Creation, Mindset

We all know that creating content is good for our business. But most of the time we focus only on the outward benefits of content. The fact that it attracts and builds relationships with prospective clients, it increases our traffic and our exposure, it builds our reputation as a go-to person in our field.

These are great benefits, of course. It is what usually drives entrepreneurs and small business owners to begin creating content. It is the primary reason we allocate our time and resources to it.

However, once you begin creating content, it becomes clear that there is a whole other side to the benefits of content creation. I call them the “inside benefits.”

These are the things that happen internally through the process of brainstorming, writing, and sharing content. Here are some of the internal benefits that I have witnessed and fostered in my own clients through the content creation process.

Clarify your message

There are many exercises and processes that marketing and branding folks use to nail down a message. But there is nothing like writing 500-1500 words every week about topics within your area of expertise to really bring out your unique perspective. You learn quickly what excites you and what speaks to your ideal clients. As you break your topics down, you continually go deeper, bringing more and more clarity to your particular approach and message.

Recognize your passion

There is no question that writing content takes dedication and discipline. But if you are writing about something you are truly passionate about, it will flow more easily than if you are writing about something… else. And sometimes that doesn’t become evident until you actually sit down to create. What are the things that you could talk about – or write about – all day long? Creating truly great content means connecting with and communicating your passion, and that is a real light-bulb moment for many entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Build courage

Putting your thoughts out into the world is scary. I have written about this before, and have seen the hesitations of those for whom hitting that “post” button is a big deal. Building courage doesn’t mean eliminating fear, it just means that you are able to act despite the fear. Posting content regularly and sending it out to a growing list of followers is one of the best ways that I’ve seen to build courage, which is an important skill and trait for an advancing entrepreneur.

Improve your self-confidence

The isolation of entrepreneurship can be difficult on a person, and even detrimental to a business. Connecting with others is so important, and that is what content is all about. Receiving positive feedback from someone who received your e-zine, or hearing how one of your articles really resonated with someone is a great boost to your self esteem. Seeing others share something you have created is really exciting and fulfilling. Of course, there are also those who will share other kinds of feedback. But your growing confidence and courage can help you deal with such inevitabilities.

While at first they may not seem like they have the same level of tangible impact on your business, I think the inner benefits of content creation are as important, if not more so, than the outward ones. It has the power to determine the direction of your business and the ability to prepare you for the growth that it can bring.

In fact, it seems that the inner and outer benefits of content really go hand in hand.

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