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The Difference Between Landing Pages and Sales Pages

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Do you know the difference between landing pages and sales pages? It’s an important distinction to understand. They have completely different purposes, and therefore very different content as well. In the video, I walk through the differences, share a “sales page formula” and show you how I build my landing pages and sales pages on my online business platform, Simplero.

1:02 – What a Landing Page is and what goes on it

2:03 – What a Sales Page is

2:52 – The Sales Page Formula

4:34 – Building landing pages (and sales pages) in Simplero

So what’s the difference? These phrases are used often in digital marketing, sometimes interchangeably, so it’s easy to get confused.

The differences between sales and landing pages is determined by the type of content you are offering to your audience.

Landing pages are where you offer Catalyst Content, like e-books, webinars and other lead magnets. Because what you’re offering is free, you don’t need to provide all that much information – a short description of what you’re offering, a few bullet points explaining what your audience will gain. That’s it! Less is more here. Pique their interest and allow them to sign up to learn more. Now you’ve captured a lead!

Sales pages are where people buy things! They could be purchasing your online training, joining a membership group or even ordering a product. Here you want to include a lot more information than on the landing page, enough to get a customer to get their credit card out and purchase. In order to gain the trust and action required, you need to do a few things.

The sales page walks people through a process that shows them the impact the product will make on them. Here is a high-level sales page formula…

DESCRIBE THE PROBLEM – outline a problem that your ideal customer may have – something they will relate to.

PROVIDE THE SOLUTION – show them how your product or program will solve their problem.

SHOW BENEFITS – Describe the results your customers can expect when they use your service or product!

LIST FEATURES – People need to know exactly what they are buying, so be clear about what exactly is included and how it works.

DEMONSTRATE CREDIBILITY – You need to provide a lot of credibility and social proof on a sales page. This builds trust with the customer, which is key if they’re expected to buy from you! Tell them who you are and what qualifications you have. Show them past results. Include testimonials from past clients or participants to back this up

SCARCITY, URGENCY – There are some additional strategies to encourage people to make a decision and click that “buy” button.

In the video above I show you how I build my sales and landing pages on Simplero. Its a really great, easy to use platform with a range of tools to market and operate your business online.

If you’re looking for a platform for your business click here to check out Simplero.

If you have any questions on sales and landing pages, Simplero or anything else mentioned in the blog and video please feel free to reach out!

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