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“I needed help to reach my vision of becoming a trusted source for content on the topic of B2B e-Commerce. The experience is tremendously valuable. The content we have been developing has lead to more traffic on my website and, more importantly it has enabled visitors to learn more about my company and the personality we have here. Now I’m recognized in my industry as a thought leader and someone people want to talk to.”

– Lori McDonald, Brilliance Business Solutions


“It was amazing. Most programs will tell you what you could do and leave it up to you, but Sarah helps put a plan in place. Sarah reignited the passion I have for my business. She put together about 20 topics and we are so excited to get started! This is exactly what I needed. Now I have a year of content plans.”

– Emmy Rothbauer, Exclusively Emmy Salon


“We had great ideas – but inconsistent execution. It tended to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. After working with Content Creation Coach, we hit our content goals on a regular basis. Her insight into lead generating content and campaign management have been extremely helpful.”

– Mike Carroll, Intelligent Conversations


“Sarah has been a godsend. The free offer and email campaign we produced represented me and my work perfectly, adding an elegance and connection that I had not been able to accomplish on my own. This is priceless.”

– Deborah Merchant


“The way that she is authentic, the way that she gives it away, the way that she goes first and is super courageous… I need that! I want to be a part of that. Talk about the magic of courage, the magic of putting yourself out there and doing what she wants everybody else to do… that kind of authenticity is the kind of thing you just want to be part of. There is only one person who can truly, authentically “do the dance” with the skill, the grace, the courage, the panache, and the ability that it requires. When you see her doing it, absolutely get out on that dance floor and try to keep up!”

– Michael Rampolla, SPEARity


“I particularly love how Sarah helped me think outside of the box. She helped me formulate a marketing tool that is perfect for me and my business. I look forward to working with her again!“

– Rosina Majid, Life Coach


“Sarah is best described through her constant pursuit of passion, purpose, and the places where they intersect. She is a creative professional, with an understanding of experiential learning and artistic approaches that help people to FEEL again . . . feel drive, feel passion, feel connection, feel alive!“

– Reji Laberje, Bucket List to Bookshelf


“I had a lot of ideas, but I was stuck in overwhelm, lack of motivation and doubt. I really appreciate Sarah’s dedication, support and tough love when needed. I see her as the natural partner for content creation.“

– Katy Caroan, Caroan Consulting