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Step Into The Light

 In Inspiration, Mindset, Uncategorized, Vulnerability

It happened again.

I talk about vulnerability a lot. I really believe it is at the core of what we are trying to do. It’s how we truly connect to other people through our content.

But somehow it always seems to get buried in the details about blogging or opt-ins or launches. We’re focused on our topics or our conversions.

Then it happens.

Every once in a while, a client finally gets it. They share themselves more deeply. They open themselves up, step outside their comfort zone and get really vulnerable, and it changes everything.

At today’s meeting of the Content Creation Club, it happened again. A client took a leap, got really vulnerable, and created the biggest response she’s ever had. She got in front of a video camera to share a message with her people. She was in her work-out clothes, in her messy basement with her kids in the background. It was far from “perfect,” but it was something better. It was real life. It was something that lots of people can relate to.

She opened herself up, and people responded!

That’s really what we are trying to do — share ourselves. Share who we are with the world. That is how we are going to make the difference we are here to make.

Just a few hours before talking with my client and the members of the Content Creation Club, I was brought to tears by another beautiful display of self-expression that I want to share with you.

It was a dance done by a 9-year-old boy and his all-star partner on “So You Think You Can Dance.” (I love watching dance shows on t.v.  It’s a guilty pleasure of mine.) The song they danced to was called “Stand In The Light,” and the lyrics capture what I want for everyone I work with.

This is who I am inside
This is who I am, I’m not gonna hide
Cause the greatest risk we’ll ever take is by far
To stand in the light and be seen as we are
So stand in the light and be seen as we are

I hope you will be inspired to stand in your own light…

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