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Creatively Living Your Life Purpose with Calvin Correli

 In Podcast Episode

I talk a lot about content creation, naturally! But what happens next? I call it the implementation phase – this is how you get your content out into the world. And sometimes people get stuck in this phase. I know people who have created the content, a book, podcast or webinar, and now they’re just sitting on it! 

My guest Calvin Correlli, has created a content marketing software that I love, called Simplero. It’s all about helping you get your content out into the world – in a simple way! He started Simplero to help entrepreneurs find success by creatively living their life purpose. Calvin is not only the creator of Simplero, he is a coach, musician and programmer and I love how he talks so candidly about creativity. 

Listen to the episode to learn…

  • Calvin’s personal approach to content creation
  • How he empowers users through the technology of Simplero
  • All about Simplero as a platform

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