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Social Media is Content’s Dance Partner

 In Podcast Episode

People often think that content marketing and social media marketing are the same thing. This isn’t the case! Not every social media post is what I would consider to be “content.” Social media is such a powerful tool for your content marketing strategy and it is a great way to get a wider audience for your content. Social media is a dance partner for your content!

My guest for this conversation is Biba Pedron. Biba is a business coach, marketing expert, speaker and the author of two books, including “Start Your Dream Business Today: Must Know Strategies to Launch a Successful Business.” She has started companies in the US and France that help other businesses and entrepreneurs connect the dots between marketing, social media, networking and branding. 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How to find your community and ideal client using a personalized approach to social media
  • How to be present and consistent across all of your platforms
  • The importance of providing valuable content to build relationships with your audience

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