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Repurposing Content = Less Work + More Impact

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing, Strategy

If you work hard to create a piece of content, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, right? Repurposing content allows you to use a single piece of content in several different ways.

It might just mean re-publishing a previous piece when you are on vacation or need a break. Sometimes it means sharing a piece of content on multiple platforms, like social media posts, e-mail newsletters, and website content.

Those are great. But one of my favorite ways to repurpose content is by taking content you already created and turning it into new content. 

Content pieces can be switched up, redesigned, given a twist, and brought back to make an impact again and again and again. 

What exactly does that look like? There are a few ways it can work…

Change it up

One of the most common ways to repurpose content is to change the format.  Take a piece of content that was created in one format, and turn it into something else. 

For example, I have a client right now who is taking old blog articles and turning them into PDF downloads. With a little visual design, they are able to play a whole new role in the campaign she is building. 

There are really only two different types of content – written and spoken. (I wrote more about that here). Each of those can take many different forms – articles, eBooks, whitepapers, videos, audios, webinars… the list goes on!

When you want to repurpose a piece of content, you can keep it in the same category or switch categories. It can be very effective to take a written piece of content and turn it into a spoken form (a blog article becomes a video). Or start with some spoken content and turn it into a written piece (a webinar becomes an e-book).

Repurposing in this way gives the original ideas in the piece new life and allows you to use it in different ways.

Add it up

In a similar way, you can use multiple pieces of existing content and combine them to make a larger piece of content. 

In this case, a handful of blog articles with related topics could turn into an e-book or white paper. A few videos can become a mini training series. A season of podcast interviews could turn into a book.

Perhaps you combine multiple formats and create a kit that includes some video or audio training as well as written materials that support the topic.

Creating larger pieces of content to use as lead magnets, opt-in pieces, and even money-making content can be very time consuming. But if you can repurpose pre-existing content, your funnel can come together quickly!

Break it up

If you have already created large pieces of content, they can be a gold mine! 

Look around, and you probably have some presentations, papers, case studies, video recordings, or maybe even a book (or the start of one). Any one of these can be turned into multiple smaller pieces of nurturing content.

Take small chunks and drip it out on your blog and your online platform over time.

I am using this strategy as part of my work with the Customer Obsession Team. We videotaped our most recent Customer Obsession Summit, which is a full day event. From that footage, we will be able to pull out short 3-5 minute segments to share in our content marketing for months!

The trick with repurposing content is that, in order to have content to repurpose, you first need to create some content! The possibilities are only limited by the amount of content you created in the first place. 

Ready to get started? 

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