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Proof Of The Power Of Writing

 In Mindset, Writing

For a long time I’ve believed in the power of writing, not just to communicate to others, but to benefit you – the writer.

Now there is research to back it up.

Jordan Peterson teaches in the department of psychology at the University of Toronto, and is the founder of Like me, he is fascinated by the effects of writing on organizing thoughts and emotions.

For decades, his experiments have shown that particular writing exercises can reduce depression, increase productivity, close the gender and minority student achievement gap, and even cut down on visits to the doctor.

“The act of writing is more powerful than people think,” Peterson says.

And I agree!

While writing content for your business is different from the writing assignments that are part of the Self Authoring curriculum, they can have an equally powerful effect. Peterson’s students are gaining clarity and increasing their motivation by thinking critically about their past experiences and future goals.

The same kind of clarity and motivation can be gained through writing about your message and your business.

The key component is critical thinking.

Writing forces your mind to think in a deeper, slower, more organized way in order to get your thoughts into written words on the page. That process, while difficult for some, is what gives you the ability to formulate clear pictures for both you and other people to connect to.

But here’s the thing… it’s not in the thinking. It’s in the writing.

The act of writing is what impacts your thoughts. You can’t think it through ahead of time and then write it down. You just have to start writing!

Have you had a breakthrough moment when you were writing? Has writing given you added clarity or motivation for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments. But don’t think too hard about it first! 😉

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