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Overcome Obstacles and Use What You’ve Got.

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Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you didn’t have all the things you thought you needed in order to complete it? We all have!

“I can’t shoot that video because I don’t have a high-quality wireless microphone.”

“I can’t put up my website because I don’t have a logo that communicates my message and branding.”

It’s so easy to let these kinds of obstacles stop you from moving forward. But, I invite you to look at it differently.

When it comes to the things you want to do, don’t focus on what you don’t have. Ask yourself, “What can I do with what I have right now?”

This is a great way to bring creative thinking and problem solving into the picture, and accomplish something and keep moving forward, rather than putting everything on hold.

This applies to lots of different areas of life…

In the kitchen, I often find myself rummaging through the refridgerator at 5:30pm trying to figure out what I can make my family for dinner. I’ll have several recipies in mind for the week, but I’m usually missing at least 1 or 2 (or more) ingredients. Rather than giving up and ordering pizza, I love figuring out what I can do with what I have. I substitute something from my garden for the veggies it calls for, use a different kind of pasta, choose a different herb, replace the protein… and voila! I have dinner on the table. It’s a homecooked meal, and no one knows the difference!

It happens with my clothes as well. Recently I’ve gone to a lot of themed parties and events, and I don’t want to buy a new outfit every time. So I go to my closet and ask “what can I do with what I already have?” I made a Star Wars costume from all of the tan clothes and belts that I (and my daughter) own. I put together a 1940s outfit by pinning up a skirt that I had, adding a button to a blouse, and bringing in the waist. It’s fun, and I always get compliments on my efforts.

The same thing can be true for creating content for your business!

Look around and figure out what you can do with what you have right now. Don’t have studio lights? Go outside or sit by a window! No fancy microphone? Use your phone or your computer microphone. Find creative solutions that allow you to put something out there right now.

There will always be time to improve. I’m not against getting equipment and things to increase your production quality. But, I also don’t think waiting until you have everything in place to get started is helpful. In fact, it is usually just a tool for procrastination.

The most important thing is the actual content – your message, the value you have to share. So look around and ask yourself, “how can I get my message out there using what I already have?”

Need a little help getting started?

Check out the Content Creation Challenge! It’s 5 days of short, creative ideas to help you start seeing what you can produce quickly that will really make a difference in your business. And it doesn’t cost a thing!

Join me and take the Content Creation Challenge. Inject a little more creativity into your life, make something you can use, and build momentum for your business.

I’ll see you over there!

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