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Make Your Opt-In Offer Work

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Do you have a free opt-in offer? Something that you give away to prospects in exchange for their information? It is such a critical piece of your marketing because it is how you get the information you need to communicate with people, build relationships with them, and turn them into customers.

If you don’t have one, it is time to create one!

Perhaps you have one, but not enough people are signing up for it. When this happens, there are usually two primary reasons:

1. The opt-in offer isn’t appealing specifically enough to your ideal client.

2. The opt-in offer isn’t in front of enough of the right kind of people.

Today I am addressing the second reason. (To learn more about the first reason, check out my upcoming teleseminar.*)

Once you have an opt-in offer that you are really proud of, that appeals to your ideal clients and provides great value to them, it is time to get it in front of them. Your opt-in offer cannot build your list on its own. You must actively give it to people.

I think of it like a gift. It is something that you are giving to people for free that you really believe will help them. You should be excited to give it to people, and it should be part of all of your marketing activities.

Here are 9 ways to use your Free Opt-in Offer:

Your website – Obviously your Free Opt-In Offer should be on your website home page. It should be at the top or in the main body of the site, above the fold (visitors should see it right away without having to scroll down). Don’t squeeze it into a side bar. Remember, it should look as though you can’t wait for them to have it.

It should also appear in other places on your website. For example, be sure it is on your blog pages, so that people who come to your site because of a blog article will see it. Where else do people go on your site? Highlight your free offer there.

Landing Page – Create a landing page, or squeeze page, for your Free Opt-In Offer. This is a page that doesn’t have anything else on it besides the offer. These kinds of pages convert at a much higher rate than an opt-in on a regular website. Be sure to identify who your ideal clients are and give some information about what they will learn or what value they will get from your offer. A video introduction on this page is great!

Your Business Card – What do you have on the back of your business card? This is a great place to put your free offer along with a website address or QR code for your landing page so people can get it.

Facebook Page – Of course you should post your Free Offer when it is newly created. But to give it a longer life on Facebook, you can pin that post to the top of your wall. You can also add an opt-in app to your Facebook business page with an image that leads people to it.

Other Social Media Pages – Whatever social media platforms work best for you, post your free offer there. Pin it on Pinterest, Tweet it out, or do whatever you do. Social media posts have a short lifespan and depend on the depth of your network there. So use the platform you are already most comfortable with and best established on.

Your elevator speech – When you are in a networking group, or even just talking to a prospect at an event or on the street, mention your free offer. After you give your name and what you do, tell them you have something to give them. This works great if your opt-in is also on your business card!

Your bio – Include your free offer in your bio. This is the short paragraph that you put after your articles, particularly when you are posting as a guest or on an article directory. It should also be on your e-newsletters, speaking introductions, etc. Keep your personal information short – no one needs to know all your degrees or accomplishments. Instead, after a brief introduction of yourself, offer them your free gift.

When you speak – Whenever you speak to a group of people, maximize the effectiveness of the opportunity by mentioning your free gift. You can even pass around a sign-up form so people can opt-in right there.

Affiliates and Joint Venture Partners – Get other people to help you give away your free offer. These relationships involve a reciprocal participation. You will either have to pay them for the leads they generate for you in some way or you will have to return the favor and promote something from them. But these are wonderful ways to get in front of new groups of people. Of course, you can also ask friends and colleagues to promote your free offer as a favor to you, which is usually less effective but requires much less formality and organization.

If you have a free Opt-in Offer, but it isn’t in all of these places, pick a few that you can add today.

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