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Make A Holiday Video

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This year, my family and I sent out a holiday card with a QR code on it (and a website address). When the recipients scan the code or go to the website, they will see a holiday greeting in video form. My husband created a fun compilation of the moments we captured on our phones throughout the year.

It’s so simple, and yet powerful. You’ve heard the expression that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, I recently heard that a 60 second video is worth several million words! That’s way better than a generic holiday card. We get so much from being able see someone, hear their voice, watch their facial expressions and body language.

This is something you could do for your business as well. Here are just a few ideas of how it might look.

  • Step in front of the camera and record a heartfelt message, perhaps with one or more children or even your pet.
  • Make it fun! Put on a santa hat and open a fun gift, or wear an ugly christmas sweater, or tell a Christmas joke.
  • Add another gift to it. Record yourself baking your favorite christmas cookies and share the recipe. Read a beautiful poem and share a printable quote from it.
  • Do a Top 10. Pick a theme like looking back at 2015, something related to your business, or a holiday theme and count them down.

These are just a few possibilities. Are you up for the challenge?

Get over your “perfection paralysis” and consider sending out a simple, personal holiday greeting in video form.

Here are just a couple examples for inspiration:

Happy Holidays!


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