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Let’s Get Clear About Content!

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The word content is being overused! Not every word you write for your marketing is “content.” Make a critical distinction that will help you see your online presence in a new way.

As there are so many different understandings of the word content, it is easy to find yourself confused about how you should be marketing your business and interacting with your prospective customers and clients. So let’s get clear about content!

Take a moment to watch this short video to learn…

0:21 – How the word “Content” is being overused.

0:47 – The difference between Content and Copy and how they are both valuable to your business.

1:51 – What customers expect before they buy, and how to deliver it.

Content has been overused in many ways and has lost its true meaning, especially in the digital world. The purpose of content is about building relationships, it offers something with immediate value to your customer. It could take the form of an insight, some tips or an idea for your customer. The aim is for your customer to walk away with a shift in perspective, inspiration, motivation or something they can apply to their own business and life.

A lot of businesses get it wrong by turning every piece of content into a sales pitch for their products or services. We’ve all been bombarded with emails from a company with the hard sell – this doesn’t build any sort of relationship with your customers and can turn them off. Respect your reader! Talk about the challenges or issues facing your target audience so you can build trust and loyalty with them.

Content is often mistaken for copy but they really are two distinct things! We’ve already outlined that content is about enriching and building relationships with your customer. Copy is informational. It is usually short, straight to the point and conveys some sort of information to your audience.

Content and copy work together, once you have built trust with your customer using content you can introduce copy. When your customers come to you for a product or service, the majority of their decision is already made from viewing your content.

Yes! Free engagement in content marketing can boost your company as a business owner. Viewing free information can attract online buyers and grow your brand.

There are “free trials” and “free downloads” and “free events.” All sorts of ways to give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer. Content is how your business can meet this expectation.

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