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It’s Just You And Me (or I)

 In Content Creation, Writing

Have you ever read a blog article, or the beginning of one, that made you want to fall asleep?

It might have been that you just weren’t the right target audience for it. But more than likely, it was because the author dove into jargon-y descriptions or theoretical ideas. It can feel aloof and disconnected.

That’s a huge problem since the whole purpose of content is to build connections!

I have discovered one easy trick that can help turn a boring blog into a relevant one that builds relationships. It can completely change the feeling of a piece. It is so easy it might seem trivial, but it makes a big difference. Here it is…

Use the pronouns “I” and “You.”

That’s it. Easy right? But think about it. In order to use those words, you have to know who you are talking to. It has to be clear that you know something about them in order to say “Does this sound like you?” or “What you really need is…”

When a person feels like you are talking directly to them, they are a lot more likely to listen than if you are just talking generally about a topic.

It can be even harder to use the word “I.” Many people are comfortable writing about their area of expertise. Or even telling others what they should be doing. But when it comes to writing about themselves or sharing anything personal, they freeze up. Using that word means telling something about you (“Once when I was…”) or giving your opinion (“I think that…”).

Can you feel the difference? What it does is put a person into the content that people can relate to. Remember, people don’t build relationships with content, they build relationships with other people.

So I encourage you to look for these little words when you are reading pieces online, and begin to use them more in your own articles and content.

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