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It’s All Worth It When…

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing

Creating and sharing content can be challenging. But it can also be incredibly rewarding!

I talk about the difficulties a lot, and how to overcome them. I help my clients get past their blocks, handle the technical issues, deal with the statistical challenges, and answer their questions about topics, formats, strategy and more.

So why do we do this?  The whole reason we put this kind of time and effort into content is because it’s worth it! It’s an absolutely necessary part of any strategy to attract more people to your business online. But it also feels fantastic when it works.

I’ve experienced plenty of challenges, but I have also seen the joy and excitement that comes with success, both for myself and my clients. It’s what keeps us going!

Have you experienced any of these moments…?

1. When someone responds and is impacted by what you said

Sometimes when you create content and put it out there, you wonder “is anyone actually even there?” You aren’t sure if they are reading it or watching it. You put yourself out there and all you get back is crickets.

But then it happens.

One day, you send out an article, and someone responds back… and it’s not just a vacation message. They really read what you wrote and it made a difference to them. Wow!

These moments stick in your head. I still remember one particular article I wrote that generated more responses than usual. People said things like “You’re story moved me to tears as I resonated with it.” “Today, you touched me deeply.” “Your precious gift of sharing what truly matters in a genuine way made me smile from my own inner child.”

It’s a little ironic because their responses moved me to tears!

And here’s the thing, most people won’t respond. So for every person who writes back or leaves a comment, there are tens or hundreds of people who were also impacted, but didn’t take the time to say so.

Knowing that you are making an impact is an amazing feeling, and there’s nothing like hearing it from someone directly.

2. When you meet someone who already “knows” you

It’s also a great feeling when you get to meet a fan. I remember the first time someone came up to me at an event and said “It’s so great to meet you. I’m a big fan of your work.”

I thought to myself, “What? I don’t have fans!”

I gave her a big hug and listened to her talk about the things she had done because of the ideas and encouragement she got from my content.

I didn’t know this person, but she knew me! Not only that, she liked me, trusted me, and felt like I had made a difference in her life and her business. And I didn’t even know it! Until we ran into each other.

Meeting people who follow your content is a great feeling.

3. When you realize the extent of what you’ve created

The accomplishment of each individual piece of content can feel small (although every one is worth celebrating!).

Then there is a moment when you look back after 6 months or a year and realize “holy cow! I’ve created a lot of stuff!”

Content is created a little at time. We “drip” it out to our platform, website and list. But over time, those drips add up. All of a sudden you realize you’ve filled a whole bucket!

It reflects your progress, and starts to represent the value you have to offer. And it’s actually really good!

Looking back at the cumulative result is empowering. Especially when you don’t think you’re a writer or weren’t sure what you would share in the beginning. Over time, you have built something impressive.

4. When you are able to repurpose content

When you reach the point of being able to look back at what you’ve created with some pride, it also means you can begin to repurpose and reuse that content.

It might just mean bringing back a favorite article from last year so you can give yourself a break. Ah! It’s like a big sigh because you know you will still make an impact for people who didn’t see it the first time around, or didn’t remember it, or could simply use the reminder. But it doesn’t require creative effort from you. Whew!

You can also take the content you’ve created and put it together in new ways. You could take a few blog articles that have a similar theme, and create an ebook. Use the stories from your content in a presentation. The possibilities are endless, and creating larger content pieces is much easier when you have pre-existing content to draw from.

Right now, I’m working on a book (which I’m really excited about!). My book coach asked for any content I have that might be relevant, and I was able to send her tons of articles, e-books, presentations, and webinars. And all together, they will become a big part of my book!!

These are the exciting moments. These are the rewards.

Content marketing is not always easy. It can get bogged down in technicalities and challenges. But, as I have always said, it’s really about building relationships, creating growth and making a bigger difference. And when that happens, there’s no feeling like it.

When has your content made you feel great? Share a story in the comments of a positive experience. It helps keep you going and can help others too!

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