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Is Your Energy Effecting Your Impact?

 In Content Creation, Creativity, Mindset, Writing

The energy you bring to the content you are writing becomes a part of it.

Will it draw people in and attract their attention?

Or will it simply feel like more empty words?

A big part of what determines that is your own state when you are writing. If you go kicking and screaming to your writing project, it won’t work very well. If it is a constant struggle and you don’t enjoy it, it will take longer, drain your energy, plus it will likely not be as effective as you would like.

If you aren’t even inspired by what you are writing, then how can anyone else be?

One of the things I work with my clients on is how they feel about writing content for their business. When a client who was dreading it says, “I’m actually excited to go write this!” that’s when I know they are ready to get started.

Before you write a single word, check in with yourself. What kind of energy are you bringing to this project? Is it excited and inspired, or is it like dragging a boulder up a hill?

It’s true that inspiration doesn’t always come to us when we want it to. But there are things you can do to raise your energy level, and give you a better chance of infusing your content with the personality and passion that make it attractive. It makes the process more fun, and more effective!

Connect To Your Audience

The first thing is to really connect with the people you are writing to. Who will be reading this? Who are your followers? How do you feel about them?

When you are really connected to the people you are writing to, it should feel like you are sharing some exciting news with a close friend.

If you don’t have a good idea of who your people are, it’s time to go back to square one and get really clear on your target audience.

Connect To Yourself

What excites you?

If you are really jazzed about what you have to share, it will come through to the reader.

Whether the main topic is a hot one or not, bring your own unique perspective to it. How would you talk about it in conversation? What do you REALLY think? What story can you share to personalize and illustrate your points?

Use your own words and write from the heart. Thinking about something on a personal level can raise your own energy about it and why it matters.

Honestly, if you aren’t excited about what you are writing, then you’re not writing about the right stuff!

Connect To Your Bigger Message

Another way to shift your approach to writing is to find a way to tie it into your bigger message.

What is your reason for doing this work? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you believe in? What is your BIG WHY?

Find a way to connect to your bigger purpose in every piece. Not only will it motivate and inspire you, it will be attractive to all those who share it.

Managing your energy is important in a lot of areas of your life. It impacts how you show up and how people react to you.

So the next time you sit down to write (or meet or call or speak), check in with yourself and see if your energy is magnetic and charismatic. If not, get it there first.

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