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I Made A Mistake, But I’m Still Here

 In Content Creation, Mindset, Vulnerability, Writing

I made a mistake.

It was more like a bad choice.

Without going into too much detail, I found myself in a very difficult situation. I felt like I had let people down. I had somehow justified it in my head, but when it really came down to it, it was just wrong.

It felt terrible (it still does), but I know I’m not the only one who’s been there before.

What’s important isn’t whether or not you make mistakes, but how you choose to handle it.

Face the music

Of course you could just try to get away with it, bury the evidence and hope that no one notices or brings it up. This is not a good option, so I’m not going to even entertain it.

Once a mistake has been made, the only way to get through it and move forward (not backward), to grow and learn from the mistake, is to face it head on. Own up to it. Apologize for it. Do what you can to make the situation right, knowing that you can’t turn back the clock.

This can be incredibly difficult. Acknowledging your mistake to others means opening yourself up to the consequences. It may feel like others will start throwing stones at you. And you might get hit with a couple of metaphorical stones or consequences that you have to deal with. It is part of the learning and growing.

The reality is, if you are open about your shortcomings, there probably won’t be as many stone-throwers as you might think. We all learned in kindergarten that “everyone makes mistakes” and it holds true throughout our lives. No one is perfect.

In my experience, being vulnerable, honest, and apologetic doesn’t cause anger and hatred. In fact, it often invites compassion, self-reflection, and even admiration for your courage. It doesn’t eliminate consequences, but it shifts the experience for everyone involved.

Once you have faced the music, the process isn’t over. You can try to go back to normal, and pretend like nothing happened. Or, you can use your experience to create something positive. How do you turn a negative into a positive? By sharing it with someone else.

Share it

I’m not talking about commiserating or wallowing together. I am talking about taking your focus from being inward to shining outward. Turn your experience of making a mistake into a story and let it help someone else. Even if just by creating a deeper connection.

Were you wondering how this ties into Content Creation? Well this is it:

Real, human moments are what create the best content because they allow you to make a deeper connection.

It’s not an easy thing to do. Many people resist it. But being vulnerable and real and sharing an imperfect part of yourself in your content is more powerful than any information you could ever give.

For more great stuff about the importance of vulnerability be sure to check out Brené Brown’s work.

What do you think? Have you ever shared a mistake? Have you experienced a leader who is willing to be real and vulnerable? Start here! Use the comments to share your story.

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