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I Create Therefore I Am

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Philosopher René Descartes wrote the famous phrase “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think therefore I Am.” Introduced in the 1600s, it became a foundational concept in western philosophy. After all, how can you doubt your own existence? The act of that thought or doubt is proof of its own existence.

I don’t mean to get too existential! But I thought this idea needed an update for the modern world.

In business we aren’t really concerned with proving our existence to ourselves, but rather letting others know that we exist.

Think about how you find out about the existence of other people, businesses, or events these days. Particularly in the online world, it is usually through the sharing of content.

Not too long ago, having a website was enough to prove your existence online. But we all know that there are innumerable websites for things that are outdated, inaccurate or no longer exist. Have you ever called a phone number on a website only to get a message saying that it has been disconnected? Heck, I have 2 or 3 websites out there myself that are essentially “dead.”

If people find a website that looks static (and that’s a big IF), there is a level of skepticism. When was this last updated? These pictures look old. Is it for real?

It can be frustrating, especially after spending a lot of time and money developing your website. But it becomes outdated almost immediately after you create it, unless you have a built in way to provide new content and information.

Now, in order to prove our existence online, we have to be active. How do we do that? By putting out content on a regular basis. Our content can show up in many places, from our own blog, to social media sites, etc. But it is through the act of creating content that we prove our existence to the outside world.

Hence, my updated version of the infamous quote:

I Create Therefore I Am

Does it sometimes feel like your business doesn’t exist online? Have people found you through your content? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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