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How To Get Out Of Creative Isolation

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For some people, sitting down at the computer alone with the goal of writing something – anything – is painful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog article, a page for your website, an email, an e-book… the feeling is the same.

It’s isolating.

It brings up your self-doubt.

It makes you want to go hang out on Facebook.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

There isn’t just one way to create content, and you don’t have to do it alone. Oftentimes, bringing other people into the picture can completely change your experience.

You are not alone.

Just because you don’t love to sit and write alone doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful writer, entrepreneur, or content creator.

I heard an interview recently with renowned and best selling author Brené Brown, in which she talked about the process she used to write her new book Rising Strong. She had already written a best selling book, but found it to be an agonizing process. She was determined to approach her next one differently.

So, Brené took some members of her team on a get-away, and she told them her stories. She made walls of post-it notes, explained her theories and ideas, and someone wrote it all down. And when they didn’t get it, she would find another way to talk about it. She said it was an “amazing team-building, collaborative and connected experience.”

I encountered this again with one of my clients, who creates a LOT of content. She doesn’t like creating things alone. Even in her former job in a corporation, she would often enlist a colleague to “help” her with a project. Sometimes that just meant that they sat in the corner so she could talk through things out loud, bounce ideas off of someone and get some feedback.

We spent many of our sessions together creating collaboratively, accomplishing 2 or 3 times as much as she would have on her own, and having a lot more fun!

Creative Partner

One way to get out of creative isolation is to enlist a creative partner like my client did. By simply adding another person into the process, it completely changes your experience. Do you have a team member, friend, colleague, or coach who could fill this role?

At first you may not know exactly how to engage someone else in your process. You could talk through your ideas, organize your thoughts together, build on each other’s contributions, get some feedback.

The goal is simply to not be alone. You will quickly see a change in your creative process, along with added benefits like accountability and confidence.

Creative Team

Another way to get out of creative isolation is in a group setting. Brené involved multiple people in her creative process, which adds to the collaborative experience. Not everyone has a team of people who can follow them around, but there are other ways to be part of a creative group.

I foster this type of experience at my Content Creation Retreat and upcoming Content Creation Day. Even though everyone is working on their own content, there is a sense of mutual support and shared energy. Through sharing, each person gets a chance to have a conversation about their work, and get responses and feedback.

This could also be achieved in a creative masterminding group so that individuals have a community to work with on a regular basis, not just at a single event. (I’ll be starting one soon, so keep your eye out!)

How can you create your next project without facing the pain of creative isolation? Who could be your creative partner or team? Can you come to the Content Creation Day?

Leave me a comment and stop creating alone!

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