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How Inconsistency Is Killing Your Online Marketing

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Unfortunately, one of the most common things I see when it comes to content marketing is businesses that are inconsistent. They post a couple of articles, send a few newsletters, or shoot a video or two.

And then they stop.

Then maybe they post something a couple months later. Or maybe they don’t get back around to it for longer.

Does this sound familiar? 

My guess is that, if they were able to see instant results, which they were probably hoping for, they would find a way to stick with it. After all, why did they start doing it in the first place?

While it’s incredibly common, being inconsistent isn’t just a bad habit. It’s detrimental to your results.

Here are three ways that inconsistency is killing your business.

No new leads

The online space is a huge opportunity for generating new leads and connecting with prospective clients that you may not otherwise encounter.

If you aren’t publishing and sending content regularly, you won’t be getting in front of new groups of people online. That means no new leads for your business coming from your website and digital platform.

Have you experienced this? You have a website, but it seems like no one is visiting it. Your pipeline is stagnant. Where is everyone?

In order to keep the flow of people coming, you have to be publishing relevant stuff on a regular basis. It will improve your SEO and drive traffic to your site. It will allow you to post fresh content on platforms where you can get in front of new people. 

In order to generate leads continuously, you have to be consistent with your content.

You are perceived as unreliable

It’s all about trust. Because of the tactics that are often used online, people are becoming more skeptical of the digital space. 

It is still possible to build real connections, relationships and trust online. And they way you do that is through consistent content.

“My goal is not to have more readers. My goal is not to sell more books. My goal is to be trusted in a way that I can make the change that I seek to have happen in the world.

How do you gain permission to talk to people the way they want to be talked to…. you do that by showing up in a way that you would want people to show up for you.”

-Seth Godin

If you show up inconsistently, it actually creates a perception of being disorganized, unreliable and lacking real value. The consistency of what you are sharing is just as important, in this case, as the content itself.

Stagnation of Growth

Content Marketing is the cornerstone of scalable growth. Creating content consistently allows you to build a foundation that can carry your business into the future. 

If you post consistently for a year or more, you will establish a platform that will register on Google’s radar, create a truly engaging experience on your website, and produce a sense of real thought leadership in your industry. 

This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency and commitment, but it will continue to pay off for your business well into the future. 

Without it, you end up riding the waves of the selling cycle, constantly panicking when the pipeline is getting thin, and struggling to maintain your momentum. 

Is inconsistency killing your business’s online potential? 

What will it take to turn it around and build a platform that will carry you forward to the next level?

If you would like to talk to Content Creation Coach about getting some accountability, strategy and help with implementation of consistent content marketing, check out our services and schedule a time to chat.

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