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Getting Clients Online: The Missing Link

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing, Strategy

All too often, I see businesses with a great product or service trying to sell it directly through e-mail or social media.

What’s wrong with that you ask?

It doesn’t work very well, that’s what.

Don’t get me wrong. Online marketing is an incredibly powerful way to grow your business and get in front of lots more ideal clients and customers.

But I see a lot of businesses doing it wrong.

People don’t tend to take out their credit cards to buy products or programs from a social media post or online ad, especially from someone they don’t know.

Of course it is tempting. Once you’ve created something great that can help people and bring in revenue, you want to get it out there and watch the sales roll in. We’ve all done it. Even me.

However, when the results aren’t stellar, it’s easy to lose hope and blame the product, or the platform, or the message.

Maybe if I tweak some words. Or pick a different image. That must be it! But it’s not.

There is a missing link.

You are treating online advertising like “old fashioned” advertising. But the internet is not a newspaper or a billboard. It’s a completely different medium that requires a different approach.

The approach includes Catalyst Content.

That is the missing piece.

What people WILL sign up for online is information. They want to connect with someone, learn something, and see if they are a good fit BEFORE pulling out their credit card. And that is exactly what Catalyst Content allows you to do.

It is the way you connect with people and engage them before offering a product or program for sale.

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I’ll be teaching you exactly what forms Catalyst Content can take and how it works.  You will look at your own business and see how you can include this strategy in your plans for 2016.  It could make all the difference!

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