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Generating leads from Content

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing

Terminology is an issue in the world of digital marketing. There are all sort of words being used for different things (or sometimes the same thing!).

One example of this is what you use to capture leads online. Some people say “lead magnet” or “opt-in piece” or “freebie.” No matter what you call it, all of these things fall in the category of “Catalyst Content.”

The difficulty is when you think of a lead magnet, the options that come to mind might be somewhat limited. But in the world of Catalyst Content, there are a ton of opportunity for creativity in the formats, topics, delivery, timing, and collaboration.

Open your mind about what you could offer to get people excited enough to sign up, downlow, or show up. Offering something of value is what is going to allow you to capture leads.

Watch the video and think about what you could create next to capture more leads online. Need some help? Check out my Lead Magnet Creation Kit.

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