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Feeling Scared? Good! Here’s How To Rock Your Fear

 In Coaching, Growth, Inspiration, Mindset, Stories

Your heart is racing.

Your hands are sweating and trembling.

Is it fear? Or is it excitement? How you perceive these things and how you choose to react to them has a huge impact on your success and growth.

Everyone deals with these physical symptoms when we stretch ourselves. And I mean everyone. In today’s video I share two stories to illustrate how you can shift your mindset and rock your growth.


Creating content can cause these symptoms to arise, especially if you are trying a new format (like video or webinars). But that’s part of why it is so powerful! Both for you and for your business.

One of the best ways to work through the resistance you face when creating content is to surround yourself with others who will support you, encourage you, and hold you to your word.

That’s exactly what the Content Creation Club provides. (Plus training on content strategy, content formats, help with technology, and more!)

Maybe joining a program or investing money in this even scares you. That’s good! It means you are headed toward growth.

Learn more about the Content Creation Club on the program page.

Registration ends May 9th, so check it out and join today!

Content Creation Club

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