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Do You Feel Safe Enough To Create?

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When you ask a kid to draw something, they just do it. They scribble it down and proudly show it to you, whether it actually looks like the thing or not.

They’ll happily answer any questions you have about it.

“So, what is that?”

“That’s the head”

“The head is green?”


Adults, on the other hand, are totally different. When you ask an adult to draw something, they immediately start explaining why it’s not going to be perfect. “Oh gosh, I’m not a very good artist”

And when they finally show it to you, they often apologize or say something like “It’s not very good.”

I’ve done similar exercises at my workshops and seen this in action.

Why is there such a big difference? Adults are afraid of judgment.

We’ve been conditioned through our experiences to believe that people will judge us, especially if we make a mistake or do something “wrong.”

So, we often judge ourselves before others even have the chance.

You’ve heard of being “your own worst critic.”

Whether it’s about the judgement of others, or our own inner critic, it is holding us back. See, when people are afraid of being judged, they aren’t willing to take risks.

This is a big problem because being creative is inherently risky.

Creating something new, writing something from scratch, and putting yourself out there means exposing yourself to the world, including the possibility of judgment. (But also the possibility of making a difference!)

If our fear of judgment takes over, we become extra careful, we don’t do anything that might be a mistake, we try to be perfect, and we definitely avoid “failing.”

While walking this line, we become boring, uninteresting, and ineffective.

What many companies have learned is that the most valuable stuff comes out of an open creative process, which can only happen when people feel safe.

Yes, some failures and mistakes come out of it too. But, that’s okay because it allows for the creation of something new and exciting.

As a result, many places are working to foster a safe environment that encourages risk-taking and accepts mistakes. If you are failing and making mistakes, that means you are taking risks, and that’s good!

The question is, as a solo-entrepreneur or small business, can you do that for yourself as well?

Are you in a supportive environment that allows you to take creative risk? Or even just put out a blog article?

Could you use a little more of a safety net to help you step out and try something different?

What do you think? Is a fear of judgment holding back your creativity? Let me know in the comments.


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