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Do I Have To Write Something Again This Week?

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Can I be totally honest with you?

I don’t want to write this blog article right now.

I’m exhausted. My mind is weary from a week of traveling and long hours.

I thought about just skipping it. You probably wouldn’t even notice, right? I’ll come back to it again next week.

But here’s the thing. I committed to doing this every week. And there are some real reasons for sticking with a weekly content commitment, as well as some added benefits.

Increased impact

First of all, market research has shown that businesses and entrepreneurs who produce content at least every week have much better results with their marketing than those who are less frequent. Their followers have a better relationship with them, and more trust. They build a more robust content library faster, from which they can draw for other marketing opportunities.

Creative growth

Aside from the outside benefits of creating content on a weekly basis, it also challenges you creatively – which is a good thing! It provides opportunities (like it did for me today) to show up and create even when you are facing resistance. And fighting resistance is a muscle we all must hone.

It allows it to become a true practice. Something we show up for every week, no matter what. And we accept whatever comes out of us.

It is in the harder moments that we are more likely to be vulnerable, to be more raw, to be a little less polished or “on point.” Our guard is down a little. And that is actually when magic happens. It is often the things we create at moments like these that really resonate with people. It’s what allows us to connect to each other. And it requires that you show up anyway.

Committing to weekly content gives you the opportunity to really grow as a content creator, and benefit your business and yourself.

Of course, it is possible, if you have the right systems in place, to batch content. Create a whole bunch of it at once, and then take breaks, which has it’s own creative challenges. But my process doesn’t work like that.

I even tried to write a few articles on my plane rides in the last week. I wrote two partial articles, and notes for a third. But I didn’t actually finish any of them. And that’s the truth. (And this article isn’t any of those!)

Why am I telling you all of this? To give you a window into a true creative process (mine), and to encourage you to take the weekly content challenge.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But it’s incredibly rewarding.

Weekly Content Examples

I heard an example of a weekly content commitment. The band They Might Be Giants committed to recording and posting a new song every week for a year as part of their “Dial A Song” project. In an interview on NPR, they talked about the challenges of sticking to the commitment. And at that time, they were only halfway through the year!

Another unique example of a weekly content success is the “Super Cool Fold Of The Week.” Trish from the Fold Factory shares a cool design for folding printed materials on her weekly video.

There are many other examples of weekly content, including many of the written and video blogs you probably already follow.

So the question is… what can you do every week? Make a video? Write an article?

Share your experiences with or commitments to weekly content in the comments below.

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