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Do… Grow… Repeat.

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I want to talk to you about growth. It’s such an important part of being an entrepreneur, a content creator – a human being! I believe that if you aren’t growing you are dying.

Growth is how we get to where we want to go. It’s how we achieve our dreams and our vision. Simply doing the right things isn’t enough. You must BECOME the successful, accomplished, bigger version of yourself.

The trick is that growth doesn’t just happen by itself. It happens through experience. And experiences happen as a result of action. Tweet: Growth doesn’t happen by itself. It happens through experiences which happen as a result of action.  via @sarahschwab

First DoGrowth Quote

The first step is taking tangible action. Setting the wheels in motion. Creating something and putting it out there. Signing on the dotted line.

When I did my first event (the Content Creation Retreat), it was something I had never done before. The truth was that I was terrified.

I took action by creating an event page, announcing it, and signing a contract with the venue. That action was what made the event “real.” Simply talking about something or testing the waters isn’t enough to really set things in motion. You have to take a clear step.

The “Holy Crap” Moment

What happens next is what I call the “Holy Crap” moment. It hits you like a ton of bricks and you are faced with a decision.

After signing that contract, I thought “Holy crap! What have I done?!”

What ensues is a battle between the part of you that wants to grow and the part of you that would rather go back to your old comfort zone where things weren’t so – uncomfortable. Whether you call it your Ego or your Resistance or your Excuses, you have to face them head on and stick to your commitment.

After all, that’s what commitment means. It says “I mean it!” It says “I’m all in!” It says “I’m not going back.” Even – especially – when things are hard and scary.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people reverse course. They cave in to the enticing idea of going back to the comfort of the way things were. They quit. They cancel. They take the easy way out. And it stops growth in its tracks. In fact, it further convinces you that you can’t be any bigger than you are right now.

This is the critical moment. The test that you must pass. The battle that you must win.

Only when you have fully demonstrated your commitment to the action have you proven your worthiness to grow to the next level.

Only then can the results come in and momentum can take hold.

In the case of my event, I battled my fears for over a month and put down the money for the venue even though no one had registered yet. It was shortly after that when I got my first paying attendee! It was as though they were waiting for me to lock in my own commitment before they would be willing to do the same.

Then Grow

I wish I could tell you that the rest is all about success and celebration.

It’s not.

One way I think about growth is the process of expanding your comfort zone. And that doesn’t happen overnight.

The growth phase is a period of time in which you have to LIVE outside your old comfort zone. You have to do things that are required of you in the new zone, whether you feel ready or not.

And slowly but surely, your comfort zone expands.

For me, it helps to recognize it as growth. “Hey look! I’m growing!” It puts a more positive spin on an otherwise difficult process.

Along the way, you end up doing things that you had never done before. Things you didn’t know you could do until you did them!

No Cake Walk

I realize I’m not painting a very appealing picture here. I’m not trying to sell you on the growth process. I don’t have to.

Most people are already sold on a vision for what they want to accomplish. Or they at least know that there are some things they would like to change about their life or their business or their career. What do you want that you don’t have right now?

What I’m describing is the journey you have to be willing to take to get there.

Whether your next action is about content creation or something completely different, I’d love to hear about it. Do you recognize this process in your own life? Share a comment below, and keep growing!

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