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Creativity, Content Marketing and Your Business

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I believe in the power of creativity and self-expression to transform our lives and our businesses.

This is one of my core beliefs that has guided the creation of my own business and the work that I do. But I’ve noticed that when I talk about “Creativity” in front of groups of people, I often get blank stares.

There is a phenomenon in which many people think, “But I’m not creative. I’m not very good at that.”

I must disagree! Every person is creative, or has the capacity for creativity. And those people who recognize it and harness it are happier and more successful than those who insist that they aren’t creative.

I want to help you recognize your own personal brand of creativity, and in order to do that, we must first acknowledge what creativity is.

What is creativity?

Many people associate creativity with artistic talent – painting, sculpting, composing, choreographing, etc… While those are most certainly creative activities, creativity is not limited to the world of the arts.

I found several definitions of creativity, and they said things like:

“The ability to make new things or think of new ideas.”

“The use of imagination or original ideas”

And the simplest one that really sums it up: “Originality of thought.”

That means that if you have original thoughts, if you think things that no one else told you to think, if you have ideas that you came up with on your own, then you are creative!

Creativity is part of everyone’s lives, especially business owners. Creativity is not a compartmental thing that happens when you write or draw or play music. Creativity happens all the time. It is in every solution to every problem.

There is creativity in seeing a problem and coming up with a way to solve it, which is essentially what business owners do every day! And it goes deeper as well, into the way that you choose to solve a problem, which might be different from someone else’s way of solving it. It is connected to your personality and what you believe about the world that makes you think the way that you do.

Creativity is personal. Each individual has their own perspective, their own way of seeing the world. Ten different artists will make ten very different works of art, just like ten entrepreneurs will create ten different businesses.

Harnessing Your Creativity

The problem that I see is that too many people never express their creativity. They have ideas, but they never share them or act on them. They have a unique perspective, but instead they choose to follow someone else’s path.

These things happen because putting your own unique ideas or creations out into the world is scary. There will be people who disagree with you or who don’t like your contribution. So what?

In a way, that is the nature of the individuality of creativity. Some people will connect with your way of thinking and others won’t. And the beauty of the interconnectedness of our modern world is that we are able to more readily connect to those people who resonate with us, if we are courageous enough to put our original thoughts out there.

Creativity and Content Marketing

That, to me, is what content marketing is all about. Not just finding people you can help with your product or service. But finding those who really connect with you. Who understand your way of thinking, your beliefs, and your approach.

Working with people who are in a similar creative group tends to yield better results, happier clients, and a better experience for the business owner as well.

This is part of what I love about working with my clients. Digging deep enough to uncover their own thoughts about what they do and why they do it. Finding their personal creative approach to their work, and showing it to them through the content we create. And they often react with, “Wow! Did I really say that?”

So I encourage you to start looking for and documenting your original thoughts and ideas. They may pop up in conversation when you disagree with someone. They may come through when you think about why you do something in a particular way. They may appear in your priorities and how you choose to spend your time.

When you are ready, you can begin to put your own brand of creativity into what you do, and see how it transforms your life and your business.

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