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Creating Content When You Have Limited Time

 In Content Creation, Writing

One of the biggest excuses for not creating content is “I don’t have enough time.” Watch today’s video to see why that’s a terrible excuse, how to create content efficiently, and how best to leverage your time.

In the video we discuss…

  • 0:30 How content is actually a time saver
  • 1:18 Choosing a time-saving format
  • 2:52 Balancing quality and efficiency: letting go of perfection
  • 3:31 Repurposing content for even greater impact and efficiency.

A Mindset Shift

One of the things heard most often when companies are asking why they are not creating content for their business, is that they have limited time and that content simply takes too long to create consistently. I would like to challenge you to a different perspective, perhaps. What if creating consistent content for your business, actually saved you time?

Let’s say, for example, that a piece of content you create reaches one hundred, two hundred, maybe even a thousand people. With this,  hours of time is saved from having to make those touch points one on one, individually. Consistent content is something that your audience can learn from and can also be a game changer to earning trust in your industry.

Format and Authenticity

Another thing that holds businesses back from creating the content that could propel their businesses forward, is the fear of creating in a format that is uncomfortable or intimidating. If it is intimidating to get on camera and speak to your audience, perhaps writing a blog or creating a podcast would be more efficient.

It possible that, at least initially, any format may be new and not produce the quality of content you envisioned. But trying to perfect, edit and revise content is often one of the most time-consuming elements. It’s important to keep in mind that while quality is important, it is not the end-all-be-all of content creation. It is more imperative to be consistent and efficient with the content, versus having a “perfect” version of it.

As long as the message is portrayed in a pure and authentic way, it will engage the audience and leaving them with no doubt who they would like to spend their time and money with.

For Future Use

Finally, it is important to note that the content you create today can actually be repurposed for future use. It can be added into a webinar, website, or another project that you could be doing down the line. Content creation is an activity that actually gets more efficient, more impactful and requires less effort over time.

Having content available for your business will not only show your knowledge as a company and what you have to offer your target audience, but is actually an investment that can pay dividends in the future.

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