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Content Comes First

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So which comes first? Clarity or Content Creation?

It is like the age-old question about the chicken and the egg. It seems like you have to have clarity before you can create content, but in fact it can be the other way around.

Are you waiting for the “right time” to begin creating content in your business? Maybe you think you have to have all your ideas, and a plan, and an audience waiting to hear from you… then you’ll get started.

But that’s not how it works.

The truth is that your ideas are continually evolving. And your audience can’t find you until there is something to find! If you are waiting for everything to be “ready,” then you will never start.

So, while it may seem unsettling at first, it is clear to me that Content Creation comes first. This may mean that your first several pieces aren’t perfect, and that’s okay because not very many people will read them anyway!

That may sound harsh and make you wonder why you would want to do that?! But the rewards come further down the line, when your content improves and your audience grows. The long-term benefits are great! And that can’t happen unless you start somewhere.

Lessons From A Quick Starter

I learned something really interesting about myself recently when I took a Strength Analysis as part of a coaching program. I ranked extremely high in a category called “Quick Starter.”

Most entrepreneurs rank higher than average in this category. After all we like to start things! But I am at the top of the heap. I excel at starting things.

Now this is an important thing to know, because I often need help in the areas of gathering information or following through or looking at the details. I’m much more likely to gloss over those things and sound like a Nike ad – Just Do It!

But the beauty of this test is that, just like the other traits, the “Quick Starter” trait is considered a “Strength.” Every strength has pros and cons. It simultaneously shows you what you are good at, which also highlights what you are not so good at.

What are your strengths?

Are you more of a planner and analyzer than a quick starter? That’s great. But, then it’s important to recognize that you may need help and support in the area of actually putting things out there.

It follows that someone like me would create a program called the “Content Creation Jump Start!” It’s all about getting started creating and posting content. The first few steps are often the hardest.

Are you someone who needs a little push to actually get things going? Let me know in the comments what your strengths are, and what you need more support with.

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