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Connection Through Content

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When most people think about what to write about or present in their content, the first thing that comes to mind is information. Isn’t that what content is? Information that is useful to your prospective clients?

Yes and No.

Information is important to demonstrate your expertise and provide value to your ideal clients. However, the internet is overflowing with information. People can find the information they are looking for it a LOT of different places. So, your content must do more than just convey information. It must build a connection.

Watch today’s video to find out some ways that you can build connections through content.

It is all about relationships! How you are going to create connections through your content. Are you going to carry your camera around so you can get more candid pictures of yourself? Maybe try your hand at video? How about thinking of a personal story to include when you sit down to write your next article? Leave a comment below and let me know! I’ll be looking for it.

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