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The Power of Collaborating Through Content

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing, Planning, Strategy

One of the great benefits of creating content is that it gives you a way to collaborate with other people.

Partnering with others broadens your reach, exposing you and your business to new audiences.

These kinds of collaborative projects are sometimes called Joint Venture Partnerships, and they always involve the delivery of content.

There are a few ways to deliver that content in a partnership. One common way is through written articles that are posted on another site, also known as “guest posting.” Another is to speak to your partner’s audience through an online event such as a webinar.

If you’re really ambitious, you could do a summit, which is like a Joint Venture Partnership on steroids! Working simultaneously with a whole group of individuals in you industry creates a powerful platform on which to share the project and reach a lot more people.

Thinking about the possibilities, there are really two ways to collaborate with others to increase your visibility.

Host people on your platform

Do you have ways to showcase other people’s content? This could be an established place where you share content regularly, like your blog, your podcast, your YouTube channel, a webinar series, etc.

It can also be a one-time project, where you create an event together and share it with your audience.

When you host people on your platform, they will share it with their followers, saying things like “I’m being featured over on…” or “check out my interview with…” Promotion requirements vary, but it drives traffic and sends their people directly to your site where you can engage them further.

Speak or share on other people’s platforms

Another way to leverage the power of partnerships is by providing content to others. Look for blogs, podcasts or publications in your industry that you could appear on. Those platforms are always looking for guests and contributors with great information to share.

You can also propose a joint event that someone else would promote, but that works best if you have a pre-existing relationship with that person. And you better be clear on how it benefits them.

Create a Win, Win, Win

There are many ways to structure a partnership, but it’s always important to make sure that it benefits everyone involved, including you, your partner, and your audiences.

It might be as simple as giving great content to your partner that provides value to their audience, gives you exposure, and allows them to take a break from creating content that week. Win, win, win!

Sometimes there is more of a quid-pro-quo arrangement. In this case, they promote your content to their audience, and in return, you promote their content to your audience. Or perhaps you create a joint event that you both promote for greater impact. You each get to reach new people, and your followers get valuable information from a fresh perspective.

Another option is to offer an affiliate program. This means that your partner is rewarded financially for sharing your content. Typically this is done by giving them a percentage of your revenue from any of the people they send over to you. You get increased exposure and sales, and they get some revenue without having to create anything.

Notice that the benefit to your audiences is always in the value of the content that is being shared. It’s the key ingredient to every successful joint venture partnership!

Here’s another thing to keep in mind…

Creating content on a regular basis makes you a more appealing partner. If you can clearly show that you have been cultivating your own platform and have a lot of material to draw from, you become an in-demand expert (or host). That leads to more opportunities and multiplies your growth.

So keep creating content! And look for ways to engage with others to expand your reach.

How might you include a partnership in your content marketing plan this year? Who would you like to collaborate with? Reach out to them today!

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