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Catalyst Content – Beyond Lead Magnets

 In Podcast Episode

The possibilities in the work of catalyst content are tremendous! It’s what you use to capture leads online, but it goes far beyond what you might typically think of when you think of a “lead magnet.” When you pick the right catalyst content piece for your business, it can be an incredibly powerful tool.

In this week’s episode I talking about the different choices you have for creating catalyst content, including formats you can offer your audience and methods through which you can blend them together to make your piece of content as successful as possible.

You’ll expand your vision of what’s possible, and hopefully walk away with some new ideas and inspiration, ready to create the next piece to grow your own business.

Tune in and subscribe to the Content Creation Coach Podcast, and don’t forget to download the Lead Magnet Creation Kit from my Website! It includes the worksheet and e-book to take what you learn in this episode and implement it for yourself!

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