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Capturing Contacts and Cash Using Simplero

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My favorite part of content marketing is… the content! Coming up with topics and making connections through your words, either written or spoken.

But in order to distribute your content, use it to capture leads and communicate with your audience, you need software. I have clients on many different website and e-mail marketing platforms, but for my own business, I use Simplero.

Simplero was designed with small businesses in mind, and provides all the tools you need for a reasonable, small-business price.

Two of the features I love about Simplero are the landing page builder and the eCommerce capabilities.

I recently did a webinar for Simplero where I walked through these tools and how I use them in my business, along with lots of great information about content marketing and how it works.

The attendees had some great questions, so I encourage you to check it out here.

Simplero landing pages

If you are interested in learning more about Simplero, click here to see what other features it has to offer.

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