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Branding & Content

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Branding and Content are two sides of the same coin. It is hard to have one without the other. If your branding is weak, then your content has no foundation to stand on. However, if you have a brand that really resonates with you, but no content, it has no legs to carry your message to more people.

Having just gone through a rebranding, this is something I have personally experienced. In my case, I have always generated content. But it didn’t always match with my business brand. In fact, in many ways, it was through the content creation process that my new brand was defined.

Find out more about what a brand really means in my very first Content Creation Coach Video Blog! Check it out:


Now it is your turn. Let me know in the comments whether your brand really makes your heart sing. Which piece is weaker for you – branding or content?

If you are going to click away without leaving a comment, consider this: the same hesitation or unwillingness to leave a comment is the same feeling that comes up around creating larger pieces of content. I invite you to take the first step, and click in the comment box and write something. Just a sentence or two will do, and I promise I will be reading and responding!

It starts here!

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