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Bottle Up Your Business

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A lot of businesses still operate through personal connections, networking, and one-on-one relationship building. Yours might be one of them.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it can be challenging and expensive to scale it when your business is growing. That’s where content can help.

On Tap

Think of it like a brewery with a tasting room. People come in and are able to get beer right from the tap. The bar tender is there to have a conversation with them, find out what style of beer they prefer, and create a connection.

That’s what it’s like when you and your sales team are having conversations one at a time. Your business is “on tap” and people are engaging directly with you and your message.


But what happens when you start to have too many people to fit in your tap room? You need more bar tenders and more glasses and more infrastructure to accommodate them. It can start to get a little chaotic. (We’ve all been to a bar that is short-staffed or packed to capacity, right?)

Then, what if someone from another state is interested in your brew? Are you going to fly them in? Maybe, but there is another option.

Bottled Up

In order for a brewery to get their beer into the hands of more people in a larger geographic area, they have to bottle it up. And the same is true for spreading your business messaging and building relationships at scale. That’s what content is all about!

When you create content, it’s like bottling up your business messaging. It allows you to get it in the hands of thousands of people in your target audience without needing a room full of “bartenders.”

This is the power of content marketing.

The Bottling Process

Your business branding and messaging isn’t always as tangible as beer flowing from a tap. It’s relatively easy to build a relationship with someone and tell them about your business when they are standing right in front of you. (Then again, that’s not always as easy as it sounds either!)

So the notion of trying to turn that process into a tangible thing that can be sent out and shared can be daunting.

Since I’m already neck-deep in this metaphor, let’s just carry it a little further and look at the steps involved with “bottling up” your business messaging…

1. Design the bottle

The look and feel of your content should match that of your business, just like a bottle of beer should match the experience of the tap room. This has to do with your branding, both visually as well as the values and style your company embodies.

2. Perfect the brew

Your messaging has to be ready to go. Is the flavor right? Does it go down smooth? Which option are you going to bottle up first – the lager or the IPA? In terms of the content creation process, this is where we create a Topic List and hone in on the subjects that are of greatest interest to your target audience.

3. Cap it off

Just like a typical bottle only holds 12 ounces, a piece of content can’t contain everything about your business. Stay focused on a specific topic or story for each individual piece. It’s easy to get side tracked trying to explain everything. You’ll soon realize that the amount of content that someone can enjoy in a single sitting is relatively small.

4. Distribution

Once you’ve bottled up your message, you need a plan for getting it into the hands of your target audience. This is where your marketing channels come into play. It’s like a distribution network that puts your bottle in front of a lot of folks. Don’t let it sit in the warehouse. Get it out there!

Okay, I think I’ve carried this metaphor about as far as possible!

What do you think? Are you ready to get your message out to a broader audience and build relationships with more people at scale? Need help bottling up your messaging?

Let’s talk!

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