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Blogging with Jaclyn Carlson

 In Podcast Episode

There are many business owners who start a blog, using what they know to grab the attention of their target market. Blogging is a form of nurturing content, creating a heartbeat for your business online. When blogging is done well it is POWERFUL! However, there are things you need to know to create a blog that is going to be sustainable and beneficial for your business.

Meet my guest, Jaclyn Carlson. Originally from Boston, she now lives in Australia and has founded Blog Society – a global community where blogging, business, and creativity collide! She believes in the power of creation and has a passion for helping businesses and bloggers to tell their stories.

Listen to the episode to learn…

  • How blogging is a key element to your content marketing strategy
  • Ways of developing the nurturing content needed to keep your blog going
  • How to make a plan for consistency and carry it out

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You can also reach Jaclyn for more professional help on blogging at

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