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Beyond the Funnel: A Content Waterpark!

 In Content Creation, Content Marketing, Strategy

More and more business is being done online, and there is a lot of buzz around funnels. When you want to build a funnel, a lot of content is required. Plus, what happens to all the people who come out the end of your funnel and haven’t bought anything or hired you yet?

It’s time to expand the picture! Imagine your online platform like a waterpark

There are two types of content that make up your platform: Catalyst Content and Nurturing Content.

Have you ever seen one of those waterpark rides that looks like a giant funnel? At the top of each ride or funnel is a piece of Catalyst Content.

Catalyst Content is how you capture leads and make sales online. What do you offer that people can sign-up for? There are many possibilities for Catalyst content, including webinars, PDF downloads, video trainings, events, and more!

As you probably know, not everyone who goes into the funnel will come out the bottom as a paying customer right away. In fact, the large majority of people will likely not be ready to hire you immediately. That doesn’t mean they aren’t prospective clients or customers. They definitely are! So where do they go?

They go into the Lazy River!

The lazy river is your nurturing content, which is your free, regular, and consistent content. It helps build visibility, increase awareness and drive traffic. And most importantly, it creates trust by sharing value. Some examples of Nurturing Content include blog articles, videos, and podcasts.

A common problem many businesses run into is having only one entry point, a single funnel.

But in order to get your prospects out of the lazy river and attract more folks to your waterpark, you need to create more funnels or more catalyst content pieces.

Now that’s a dynamic online platform! The waterpark model attracts more people, keeps them engaged longer, and increases the number of sales and conversations. It’s how you make a big splash!

It’s time to start building your content waterpark today! Schedule a time here to chat about your content and your online presence.

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