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6 Things You Can Create To Grow Your Business

 In Blogging, Content Creation, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing

Every piece of content you create or marketing activity you undertake has to serve one of the following purposes:

  1. Drive traffic
  2. Capture leads
  3. Nurture leads
  4. Convert leads into customers

Which areas is your business strong? Which are lacking? Many businesses are focused on capturing leads and converting them. But find that when the sales cycle is long, they struggle to nurture people and provide value to bring them back around for months and years to come.

Some are also finding that some of the more traditional strategies for generating leads are changing or becoming less effective, and they need to make better use of the opportunity of the online space and the potential customers they could be reaching.

Keep that in mind when considering what you will create next… Below are 6 common pieces you can create to grow your business along with the purpose they could serve as part of your marketing strategy.

#1. Blog articles

If you need to drive more traffic to your business and nurture your prospects more consistently, then you need to start a blog! It is the foundation of all of your online marketing and communications. It provides a library of content that can be used on many platforms and repurposed into different formats to attract people and earn their trust. Plus it is an important part of effective SEO and social strategy.

#2. E-mail newsletter

Do you have an e-mail newsletter? Is it consistent? This is such an important tool, and one of the most effective and affordable ways to stay in touch with your prospects and customers. What are the components of your e-mail newsletter? What value does it provide? How does it build a relationship with your readers?

#3. E-book

Do you need to capture more leads on your website? An e-book is an excellent piece for a lead magnet or opt-in gift, encouraging more people to join your list. It gives great value and kick-starts the relationship. These days people expect to be able to engage with your business for free through your content before buying your services, and catalyst content like eBooks are a great option.

#4. Webinar

Like an e-book, a webinar is another great piece of catalyst content. It can be used as an initial opt-in or as part of a sales process or launch. These are very popular and can serve many purposes, from growing your list to converting customers.

#5. Website Content

Is your website successfully engaging your visitors, providing them with answers to their questions, showing them exactly what to do next? (Besides hiring you right off the bat!) It’s important to revisit your website content regularly, and make sure it is personal and relevant. Often, other ideas and projects come from revisiting your website and figuring out how to make it work better.

#6. Photos & Videos

Visual content is hugely important. It draws our attention much faster than text, and makes a stronger connection. These forms are excellent for driving traffic and visibility, using on social media, in newsletters, and more. Are you ready to step in front of a camera (moving or still) and create visual content for your business?

These are some of the most common types of content I help businesses create and implement as part of a marketing strategy. Which one do you need next?

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