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3 Elements of a Digital Funnel

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Once your customers have opted-in, don’t drop the ball! There are key elements to every online funnel, each with an important role in your digital strategy.

Watch the video to learn about each of the three pieces you need in order to build an online lead-generation funnel.

The first element of a funnel is Catalyst Content. The actual content your leads will receive. There are many types of content, some of which are evergreen meaning you can use them for months or even years. Some pieces are more time specific, like a live virtual event or online webinar. This can draw a lot of people in, but when it’s over, it’s over! You can always repurpose this content but the live element is a one-off. So what is the next piece of Catalyst Content you will offer?

You Catalyst Content or lead magnet should be meaty enough to engage and incentivise your customers to opt-in or sign up.

Once you know what your next piece of Catalyst Content will be, you can consider the second part of the funnel – your Landing Page. This is where your customer can sign up or opt-in to your content, and you capture a lead!

A landing page or opt-in form can be fairly simple for free content. I have another video on the difference between a Sales page and a Landing page that you can view here!

To build a landing page you need the infrastructure behind it, usually an e-mail marketing platform or your online business software. This is so that once your customer opts-in, their details will be added to your system and trigger the third element of your funnel – an e-mail sequence.

Now you have a new lead who has opted-in and given you their e-mail address, great!

The first e-mail they will receive will be the file or the link to the content they have requested. But don’t stop there! You now have the opportunity to follow up them, and really build a relationship. Send them related content, summarize the lead magnet you sent them (in case they didn’t read it carefully), and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

With a well-built funnel, the customer will engage directly with you and have the chance to become a paying client or customer. Remember – not everyone in your funnel will take you up on that right away. This is where my waterpark strategy comes in! Put them into your lazy river and nurture the relationship until they are ready.

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